Dramatic Skies and Crashing Waves

Across the Waves

Inishbofin Island's name translates to Island of the White Cow and is located seven miles off the coast of Ireland. The day I spent photographing the island was cloudy, significantly windy, and the waves were rough as I arrived in the morning.  As I was leaving the island, the sun had started to peek through the clouds in the afternoon sky and provided dramatic lighting as well as sparkling on the water. The waves had started to calm and the low sun angle provided backlight on the waves as they crashed on this rocky island in the harbor. For a brief moment, the sun, the waves, and the scenery coincided to make a great opportunity for a dramatic landscape photograph.  

Across the Waves is part of my Limited Edition series, Fragments of Dreams. This series of photographs explores the feeling of partly remembered dreams and photographs myths and legends that become fragments of dreams.