Untouched Wilderness

The elegant form of the iceberg reflects against the dark water as small ripples in the ocean surface disrupt and scatter the reflection. I was drawn to the contrasting nature of light and dark in this scene. 

I traveled to Alaska with the goal of photographing icebergs as well as the amazing scenery that Alaska is famous for.  The elements of shape, texture, space, and value are often the things that interest me most in a composition, and this photograph is no exception. The textures on the surface illustrate the history of this iceberg from the time it was formed, to when it split from a glacier, and how time wearing it down. The shape has worn into a seeming aerodynamic form, you could imagine it as a plane ready to take off at any time. 

This photograph, Beyond is part of my Untamed Wilderness series, and is available as a fine art print. Follow the link below to see the entire series.