2021 Year in Review

As we start the new year, I've spent a little bit of time reflecting on 2021. So much happened this year in the world around us, but for the sake of brevity, I'm limiting this blog post to things related to my photography, website, and art. 


  1. This year has been a year of major changes to my website(and even bigger changes are coming in 2022). Most of the changes I'm going to mention are related to the fine art prints that are available on the website. One of the first changes I've made is offering larger sizes.  Previously, 20x30 inch prints was the largest size that I had available on the website. Now, most photographs are available up to 60 inches on the long side.

  2. Another big change is that I am now offering Limited Edition prints on some of my photographs. On the Limited Edition Series, any sizes larger than 20x30 are Limited in number to only the edition size. Each Limited Edition print is signed, numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

  3. As well as offering larger sizes I am now offering framing options for my photographs. Sizes 20x30 and smaller can be ordered framed directly from my website. If you want the larger sizes framed, you can contact me for a custom quote. 

  4. I've also been looking into new ways to display my photographs, and Acrylic mount is the one I've tested and approved for my photographs. This is an amazing modern way to display photographs, the details and depth look so amazing.

  5. On a personal note, this Fall I earned my Master's of Fine Arts degree after three and a half years in graduate school. This was a pretty exciting way to end the year and has opened up new ideas and avenues for my art.