wild horses

Wild horse photographs from Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Wild horse at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Wild horse at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

So I’m back from a short but productive trip to a couple national parks. First up is Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I was last there about 10 or so years ago, and managed to get really close to some wild horses, and got some amazing photographs. It was kinda mind blowing and amazing! I really tried to not have my hopes too high this time, as last experience was pretty high standards! This time? Even more amazing. Saw probably close to 50 wild horses, and at one point was in the middle of them! Every direction I looked there were horses! Such an amazing time. I hope you won’t get tired of horses, because you’ll probably be seeing a lot of them in the upcoming months as I make my way through the photographs!

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Hi all,

Sorry I've been a little missing the past few weeks, but I had a nasty bug, that I'm still trying to get over! I do plan to get back to my regularly schedule blogging, but I'm having a little bit of brain melt currently...

So in the mean time I thought I'd post a lovely comment sent by a lovely customer who purchased my Wild Stallion print.

"SOOO beautiful! I can't wait to frame this! Fast shipping and in great condition!" - Kristi

Thanks so much Kristi for your purchase and your feedback. Glad you liked it!