Plans for 2015

So it's almost two full months in 2015, and it's about time I start working towards my goals for the year. Last year was a rough one for me with things going on in my personal life. I didn't get my goals accomplished. I suffered from a dis-interest in photography for much of the year, and even thought about giving it up. It was still my best year yet in photography sales, but I didn't do much photography. Two very short trips, to Ely, MN, and the North Shore of Lake Superior were all.

Fog on Lake Superior

Since I was actually thinking of giving up photography, I spent some time thinking about what was important to me. Sometimes, especially if we sell our art, the pressure can start to be a bit much. You feel like you always have to be at a certain level, and if you aren't at that level - self-doubt can kick in. Especially, if you are already having a tough time.

To make things easier on myself, I decided to scale back some. This year I want to focus on writing some. Here at my blog, and hopefully, I'll be writing some guest articles. I've got one in the works, and will let you all know when it's published. I'm also looking for other opportunities if you know of them!

I'm also planning to finally finish some of the photography e-books I've been working on. I've been asked before to teach photography, and in my quest to make things easier on myself I will be doing that through books rather then workshops or classes at this point.

My biggest goal of 2015 will be to bring back fun to my photography. With the pressure of selling my work, and wanting to create something meaningful, sometimes I forget to have fun with it. A little secret - I tend to be weirdly competitive and have high expectations of myself - which sometime takes the fun out of things. So in that effort I got a lensbaby camera for Christmas that is a lot of fun to use, and hoping that when the weather warms up a bit, I'll be out using it.

I do have travel plans this year, and am extremely excited about them. Of course, the photographs will make it here to the blog.

So here's hoping for a great 2015! Do you have plans this year?  Improving, or simplifying? Or both?

2014 in Review

So 2014 was a slow year for me. I only went on two short trips for photography. Lake Superior and Ely, MN(strangely enough I haven't posted any photos from Ely on here yet). I was able to take a few photographs that I'm happy with, but not as many a I would on a normal year.

I did have a couple gallery shows, a group show in Soho, and and a solo show in Fargo. I signed up with stock agency, OFFSet.

So at least I did a couple things to review! How about you? How was your year?

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me!

I'm on Pinterest! Follow me at

I love pinterest for so many things, recipes, inspiration, home decor, hairstyle ideas, you name it, it's there. I set up a page for my business, and I'm hoping you'll follow me - that is if you're a fan of my photography(which I'm guessing you are if you're reading my blog)! 

My newest board is examples of my photography in rooms on walls. 

How do you use pinterest? Do you love it? Or not so much?

The "Inside Passage"

Emerald Lake, Yukon

I'm back from the Inside Passage of North America. I had an amazing time there and took a lot of photographs(of course!). Spent time editing and now I'm adding a new gallery to my site. Introducing Inside Passage. Photographs were taken in Alaska, and Seattle of the United States, and British Columbia, and the Yukon of Canada. Hope you enjoy.

Choosing Art for your Home: Part II

View Part I here: Choosing Art For your Home Part I

Since I am covering the what, when, where, how, and why of choosing art for your home(see the link at the top for the "why"), let's get started on the "When".

I did have to think about how am I going to do a "when" about art? Should it be a historical art periods? That seems to fit more under "what", as in what style of art do you like. Then it occurred to me that the most significant "when" I can think of in the choosing of art, is when in the design process should you choose it?

There's two main possibilities that I can think of. The first idea is to choose the art first. This would be great  in the case of finding an artwork that you love. You love it so much that you are willing to make a place for it. Even if it means redecorating. This probably doesn't happen all the time. But imagine if you had something as famous, beautiful and rare as an original Vincent Van Gogh. Let's pretend for a second you had his Starry Night painting. You obviously wouldn't get rid of it because it didn't match your sofa. You would get rid of the sofa first. Now most of us can't afford something that precious, but we can usually afford something that we love. If you have the luxury of being in the middle of a home decor project or are about to start, then finding a piece of art you love, first, might make your new room decor all the better when you build it around art you love.

The situation most of us would find ourselves in is that we already have furniture and finishings that we have to work around. We don't have the luxury of changing our sofa to match our art. This does make it more difficult. We then have to keep things like color schemes and decor styles in mind when looking for art. While I don't think you have to "match" your sofa, you do need to make sure it "goes".  Of course if you do find art that you just love, but it clashes with your sofa, you can always consider putting it in another room until you replace your sofa(even if that's 5 years from now). If you're sure you love that piece, whether it be a sculpture or painting or photograph, it's better not to let it slip away!

Using the first option(choosing art before your decorate) gives you the option to make your art the focal point for the room. If you have a perfect piece of art that really speaks to you and speaks about you(as I mentioned in Part I) then using it as your room's focal point is a fantastic option. Of course, just because you choose your art second doesn't mean you can't make it a focal point, it might be more difficult since you can't choose just by love as you also have to take into consideration the decor you already have.

A couple of basic tips for choosing art if you already have your decor in place:

Consider the colors in your room. Do you have warm colors? If you are using warm colors in your room you are better off keeping with warm colors in the art. Sepia tones might be better then black and white if you are thinking about monochromatic art. Bronze sculptures might be better then chrome, etc.

Consider your rooms overall style. Do you have a contemporary style in the room? You'll probably want to keep your art contemporary. At the very least you'll want to keep frames contemporary. If your room is traditional or perhaps you have craftsman style furniture you probably will want to avoid abstract or modern art.

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