Kid's Room and Nursery Art

Lion cub photograph, perfect for a kid's room!

Lion cub photograph, perfect for a kid's room!

Hello again! How are you doing on (what for me is) a beautiful sunshiny day?

I've loved animal art for as long as I can remember, but the first time someone told me they were buying one of my photographs for their nursery I was a little surprised - I simply just had never thought of it! I have several baby animal photographs so I really should not have been surprised as that does make perfect sense to have baby animals in a baby's room!

Giraffe photograph for kid's room.

Giraffe photograph for kid's room.

Several of my non-baby animal photographs have also been purchased for both nurseries and kid's rooms so you definitely don't have to stick to baby animals if you are considering an animal theme for your child's room. 

I remember being obsessed with all animal photographs when I was young and having my walls full of them(especially cheetahs!). So if you have a youngster obsessed with animals(like I was... who am I kidding.. I still am!) get them some animal photographs! ;)

To help you out, I've put together a collection that includes my baby animal photographs, as well as some of my grown-up animal photographs that have been popular for kid's rooms/nurseries. 

Now these photographs are not your average cutsie, cartoony images that are usually offered for kid's rooms. But if you are looking for something a little different check out below.

Click on any photograph to learn more:

If you've never been on Houzz to look for home decor, I highly recommend it. I did a couple quick searches for Animals in kid's rooms and in nurseries, and found many charming and sophisticated rooms. Here's a couple of links for inspiration if you're curious:

Animals in Kid's Rooms

Animals in nursery

Do you have animal art in your house? How about your kid's rooms or nursery? Does you child love animals? I would love for you to comment below!