Artist Statement

I’m interested in examining the point that something is no longer recognizable. How rough or abstract can something be and the eye still believes that it is not only recognizable but even realistic. What is recognizable to the human eye? At what point do we no longer make sense of marks on canvas? My paintings are playing with this idea. Exploring and toying with this line between figurative and abstract.

I rarely have a finished result in mind when I start a painting. I often start with something as simple as a color choice, and this color may or may not make it to the finished painting. I follow this by building a history of layers and texture though mediums such as cold wax and sand mixed with oil paint. Screwdrivers, wire fencing, palette knives, my own fingers, and other implements may be used to create texture.

Each layer may tell a different story from the previous layer, a different mood and a different idea. There is a history that is sometimes left open and plain, and sometimes obscured or even altogether buried. Each layer is a response to the previous layer as I create chaos on the surface, and then try to makes sense and order of the chaos I created. Thick texture gives me the surface I crave for this story. I can scrape it, write in it, and altogether abuse it as the conversation and experiment comes to life. The marks show glee, irritation, or all manner of emotions, but are often tamed and subdued as my need for order and calm comes to the forefront.  

Sometimes, the subject is chosen by happenstance as it makes itself known during the process and it may change as the process dictates. Other times I choose a figure or idea on a whim. Both methods are influenced by, and reflect my subconscious and my interests in the natural world. I paint animals mostly, sometime people, and sometimes interactions between the two.

This process is all in search of a painting that moves me. I’m looking for something beautiful in the broken and fragmented world I paint. I try to make order in the midst of chaos with a sense of wistfulness, longing or hope that all is still possible.