Artist Statement

The natural world is a beautiful and dangerous place. Beauty is everywhere – wild creatures – wild places. Breathtakingly beautiful. But the natural world can also be sad and heart-breaking. Wild animals live in a constant struggle between life and death. Often the survival of one means the death of another. My photography is about life as it triumphs against great odds in an all too short life. As wild places quickly disappear into the past, and the animals that depend on those places to survive are also lost, a photograph of a wild place or wild creature is our only poignant reminder of what once was.

I love abstract and intimate views of the natural world. I find exquisite beauty in the desert, and the desolate as well as the lush and vibrant. I’m drawn to the wild animal with scars from a difficult, harsh life - those scars are beautiful – earned through surviving. The subjects that draw me in are sparse, and minimalist, with shapes and lines that catch my eye and my imagination. Form is as important to me as any other element of photography – even the light. The negative space is often just as important as the subject. I generally go into the field without pre-conceived plans. I want the place, and time to inspire me. I do research, sometimes I plan portfolios, but I usually don’t plan specific photographs. The moment in time is an essential element in my work. My adrenalin surges when I find the perfect photograph. It’s difficult to communicate how it feels, other than to say I’m truly passionate about pursuing a photograph that truly captures how I feel in a time, moment and place.

I alter all of my photos. Usually it’s something simple like increasing contrast. Sometimes it’s complicated; increasing contrast dramatically or darkening the photograph dramatically. I find black and white is often the necessary expression for my love of lines, shapes and forms. I do not add to my photos – I prefer that only what was there be in the final photograph. I rarely remove anything from a photograph – only if something is distracting and ruins the intent of the photograph. Everything I do to alter my photographs is in service of the final print and the best interpretation and representation of my vision and expression of my emotions.