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Hi, my name is Beth, and I've been fascinated with wildlife for as long as I can remember - long before I ever picked up a camera. As a young child I wanted to "be a lion"! With that kind of interest in animals - researching them, and writing "books" about them at a young age - I also became aware of conservation issues early on and became passionate about the subject of endangered species. When I started photographing, it was because of this interest in wild animals and wild places.

When I'm photographing I work fairly intuitively, I'm not necessarily thinking about what I want to capture. If I'm in a national park, I know what wildlife I'll most likely see, and I do all my research before arriving. I love reading up on animals, and animal behavior and habitats, so the research part is fun for me. Once I've done the research, the rest is about chance. You can't control the environment, the animal, or the weather. 

I know I want to create photographs that aren't the usual standard compositions. I like to use the negative space as a important part of the image, and I prefer minimalist compositions, but this is all so ingrained in my shooting style I don't really think about it when I'm shooting. I'm thinking about the place, the animal, and the perfect moment. It's a fantastic feeling when it all comes together, and I know I have what I want!

If I had to say what I would hope to capture it would be beauty, individuality, and some essence of that particular animal. I want, you, the viewer to see the animal as an individual, unique and worthy of it's place on this planet. If a photograph of mine can inspire you to care about conservation and endangered species, then I feel that I've accomplished my goal.

I convert almost all my photographs to black and white because it gives me the feeling that I want. It is old and yet modern at the same time, which makes it feel timeless. This is exactly what I want to portray - modern and timeless. It also reduces the complexity of the image to just the shapes, textures, and emotions.

I've been fascinated by nature photography since I was quite young. I still remember this amazing photograph in a coffee table book my family owned when I was 9. It wasn't your standard pose, and I think it sparked so much of my interest in photography. I started to pursue it about 12 years ago. I have a degree in photography, and take art classes any chance I get. I'm very happily married, and besides photography I also enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my husband and two very spoiled cats.


Four of my photographs were included in:  The Custom Art Collection - Art for the Contemporary Home: A Collection of Frameable, Original Prints from Top Artists Paperback – November 18, 2013 by Jamin Mills

Article on the Shutterstock.com website about my work: Capturing the Essence of Endangered Animals with Beth Wold

Featured artist on ArtistADay

Named North Dakota Artist of the Year by TOSCA Magazine

Article on ArtsPartnership Recap: Beth Wold At The Spirit Room


Beth Wold is a fine art photographer specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. Although Beth is a North Dakota native and resident, she spent 17 years abroad in Africa where her passion for wild places and wild things was ignited. Inspired by line and form as well as negative space, her wildlife photographs are modern and celebrate the individuality and grace of her subjects. Beth’s landscapes tend toward intimate views of the landscape and are often abstract in form. Her work has been collected and displayed on six continents, and she was named "North Dakota Artist of the Year" by Twin Cities Tosca Magazine in 2013. Beth earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of North Dakota.


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"This cheetah is fabulous. I love the black and white, and yet the photo still has a moodiness about it. Can't wait to have it framed and hung on a wall!" - S

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